In Design Interactions we explore new roles, contexts and approaches for design in relation to the social, cultural and ethical impact of existing and emerging technologies. Projects, which are often speculative and critical, aim to inspire debate about the human consequences of different technological futures — both positive and negative. Students work closely with experts outside the College, designing for the complex, troubled people we are, rather than the easily satisfied consumers and users we are supposed to be. Project outcomes are expressed through a variety of media — including prototypes, simulations, video and photography. Graduates go on to set up their own studios, work in industry research labs and design consultancies.

During the first year students work on a series of set briefs which explore different design approaches, contexts and roles in relation to emerging technology. Over the summer students work on a written dissertation. The second year is more open and students negotiate a tailored programme of work with their tutors. The programme is focused on studio practice and thinking through designing. Students have backgrounds mainly in design and art but also in technology, science and other disciplines.

The Royal College of Art welcomes applications from all over the world. If you are considering applying to Design Interactions please follow this link for RCA admissions and application guidance.

Design Interactions
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