A Scientific Hoax ?

The creation of falsified information within scientific research has a long and colourful history and the motivations for such ‘untruths’ are as varied as the methods used to fabricate them.

The consequences of previous scientific hoaxes have been both critically beneficial and devastatingly destructive to the creators and recipients of these fictions. Some are designed and deliberately revealed in order to complete their agendas, whereas others continue to charade as the truth.

Although the consequences of such exercises are unpredictable, one thing all well-known scientific hoaxes have in common is their ability to effectively communicate and convince an audience that a theory or perspective is possibly real.

During this project we would like you to fabricate a plausible scientific lie and present it as truth in whatever form you wish: Exhibition, presentation, film, performance. The scientist / theorist / inventor / etc. will have the opportunity to demonstrate the experiment / divulge their ideas.

One strategy could be to find an unproven scientific theory which your experiment will set out to validate, or you could disprove a theory which is generally understood to be true or perhaps just create your own theory which ought to be true.

Whichever strategy you use, leave sufficient time for the making of physical props, practical demonstrations, prototypes, video work, scale models, rehearsed live performances or printed material, and most importantly, enjoy.

Questions to consider:

- What might be the consequences of our fabricated hoaxes?
- Is it possible for a Hoax to exist within a future scenario?
- Is the truth always the most noble goal, or is it sometimes overrated and limiting?
- Are the only successful Hoax project ones which we don’t know exist?
- What motivations create hoaxes: marketing, political, entertainment or just purely ego exercising?

Week One:
Monday 29th Oct       - Project Launch:
- 10.00 Introduction to the brief
- 10.30 Talk by Prof. Christopher French

Tuesday 30th Oct    - Round Tables
Wednesday 31st Oct  - Tutorials

Week Two:
Tuesday 6th Nov       - Tutorial
Thursday 8th Nov      - Tutorial
Friday 9th Nov        - Talk by Prof Mills Kelly

Week Three:
Tuesday 13th Nov     - Tutorial
Thursday 15th Nov    - Tutorial

Week Four:
Tuesday 20th Nov     - Tutorial
Thursday 22nd Nov    - Rough Exhibition / Crit with guests